About Us

Science Innovation Information and Communication Technology Research Institute - SIITRI, is an Mozambican institution with a focus on: Scientific Research; Innovation, Technological development and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT); Training and development of Human Resources and Tertiarization Services (Outsourcing). Develop its activities in the areas of Project Management and Corporate Advisory; Innovation, Development of Business Models, Technology and Entrepreneurship Development. 

SIITRI main target groups are: Youth, Women, Private and Public Companies, Government Institutions and Institutions of Education and Scientific Research. 

Our Vision 

Be recognized as the institution that conducts and implements quality and relevance of social services through creative and innovative practices in an international reference. 

Our Mission

Developing a culture of leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship, perform scientific research and technological development, capacity building and training, conduct evaluation studies and intervention for funds and promote synergies between Professional, promote training to support entrepreneurship, innovation and technological development

“Interfacing People with Technology”

SIIITRI is an agglutinate of Mozambicans and non Mozambicans, who believe in Scientific Research, Innovation, Technological Development, Entrepreneurship and in a knowledge-base economy and society. SIITRI appears interfacing people with technology in order to promote entrepreneurship, leadership culture, innovation, scientific research, technological development, innovation in Mozambique and around World.

In its modus operandi, SIITRI attracts day after day fresh brains, that identify themselves with the ideals listed above. With professionals from various aspects, in their practice areas SIITRI is per excellence a highly qualified Institute to support those who need, acting in the private and public sector, in the government, having the gender and youngsters on its priority. The youth as critical mass, through their investigative and creative spirit, high willpower they catalyze SIITRI’s action areas.

SIITRI is an Institute of national and international reference, epicenter of innovation, entrepreneurship, stands for quality, performance and integrity. We look forward for the opportunity to work with you as partners.

Prof. Dr. Engº Venâncio Simão Massingue

Founder and CEO

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